Public Adjusting

Property Insurance Claim Representation

Public Adjusters vs. Insurance Adjusters

Public Adjusters

Public Adjusters solely work for you, the policyholder, and represent your interests.
They are claim experts on property losses who assist you in performing your Duties After Loss and fight for a fair settlement based on the damages and coverage(s) available in your insurance policy.

Insurance Adjusters

Insurance Adjusters (I.A.s) solely work for Insurance Companies and represent their interests.
They can be Staff Adjusters, who are employees of the carrier, Independent Adjusters who are third-party contractors that represent the carrier, or CAT Adjusters who assist during major natural disasters.

Simply put, I.A.s protect carriers, while Public Adjusters protect you.

Public Adjusting assists you in obtaining a fair settlement.

What Claims Can a Public Adjuster Assist With?

In most states, Public Adjusters can only assist with First Party Property Claims.

The Most Common Are:

Others Include:

Smoke Damage * Hurricane * Tornado Damage * Lightning * Building Collapse * Weight of Ice & Snow
Pipe Breaks * Sump Pump Failure * Roof Leaks * Sewage Backup * Vandalism Claims

What Does a Public Adjuster Charge?

For starters, it is important to note that we typically have a contingency fee (which varies by state), meaning we don’t get paid until you get paid. No recovery? No fee.

Public Adjusters typically receive a percentage of the insurance payout, typically 10-15% per coverage area.

There are a couple of factors that control the fees we charge.

  1. The size and details of the claim.
  2. The state your loss is in. (State law dictates what we are allowed to charge.) 

Do I Need a Public Adjuster?

  1. Can your contractor do the repairs for the offered amount?
  2. Do you understand your Insurance Policy and construction terms?
  3. Do you have time for the insurance claim process?
  4. Is your Insurance Company responding quickly?
  5. Are you confident all property damage has been accounted for?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, you may need a Public Adjuster.

  1. Do you think your Insurance Carrier is disregarding valid damages?
  2. Do you feel pressured to hire their preferred vendors?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, you may need a Public Adjuster.

Which States is New Hope Claims Licensed In?

New Hope Claims is Licensed to provide Public Adjuster Services in several states.

If you need a Public Insurance Adjuster, select your state below for more state-specific information.
Don’t see your state listed? Contact us and we will refer you to recommended Public Adjusters in your area.