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State of Oklahoma

Oklahoma - The Sooner State

Oklahoma, located in the southern central region of the United States, is a state with a rich history and diverse cultural heritage. Originally inhabited by Native American tribes such as the Choctaw, Chickasaw, and Cherokee, the region underwent significant changes with the arrival of European explorers and settlers. The infamous Trail of Tears, a forced relocation of Native Americans, saw many tribes being moved to what is now Oklahoma. In 1907, Oklahoma became the 46th state of the Union, marking the end of a complex era of Native American removals and the beginning of a new chapter in its history.

Oklahoma is home to several vibrant and dynamic cities that contribute to the state’s cultural and economic landscape. Oklahoma City, the capital and largest city of the state, has experienced rapid growth and transformation in recent decades. It is a hub for business, finance, and government, with a vibrant downtown area and notable attractions like the Oklahoma City National Memorial and the Oklahoma City Museum of Art. Tulsa, the second-largest city in Oklahoma, is renowned for its art deco architecture, world-class museums like the Philbrook Museum of Art, and its strong ties to the oil industry. Other significant cities in Oklahoma include Norman, home to the University of Oklahoma and its popular football team, and Broken Arrow, a suburb of Tulsa known for its family-friendly environment and quality of life.

Oklahoma’s history and cities reflect a blend of Native American heritage, pioneering spirit, and modern development. The state’s cultural diversity, natural beauty, and thriving urban centers make it a captivating destination for history enthusiasts, nature lovers, and those seeking dynamic city experiences.

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Services Available in Oklahoma

New Hope Claims is an Oklahoma Public Adjuster and Oklahoma Insurance Appraiser.

We offer Oklahoma Public Adjuster Services on Commercial Claims Only.

As your Commercial Claims Public Adjuster, New Hope Claims can reduce your burden by assisting you in
performing your Duties After Loss and push for a fair settlement per the facts of your loss and your available
insurance coverages in your policy.

New Hope Claims can assist Business owners, Churches, Property owners and Property Management companies with the following common Oklahoma Commercial Insurance Claims:

Oklahoma Fire Claims, Oklahoma Smoke Damage, Oklahoma Wind Claims, Oklahoma Hail Claims, Oklahoma Water Claims, Oklahoma Building Collapse Claims, Oklahoma Tornado Claims, Oklahoma Pipe Break Claims

As your Insurance Appraiser, we work with your Insurance Carrier’s Appraiser through the Appraisal Process
for commercial and residential claims to resolve disagreements to the scope of work and the
price of the work for the claim.

Let our Oklahoma Public Adjuster assist you in leveling the playing field by assisting you in performing your
Duties After Loss and fighting for a fair settlement based on the damages and coverage(s) available in your
commercial insurance policy.

Let our Oklahoma Insurance Appraiser help resolve disagreements in the scope and value of your loss of your
disputed residential or commercial insurance claims.

**Appraisal in Oklahoma is only binding on the invoking party and we do not recommend demanding appraisal without your Insurance Company agreeing to the appraisal results being binding for both parties in writing. We recommend seeking counsel with an Oklahoma policyholder insurance attorney.

If your Insurance Company demands appraisal, let our Oklahoma Insurance Appraiser help to resolve disagreements in the scope and value of your loss of your disputed Residential or Commercial insurance claims.