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State of Kansas

Kansas - The Sunflower State

Kansas, situated in the heartland of the United States, is a state with a fascinating history and a diverse range of cities. Native American tribes such as the Kansa and Osage inhabited the region before European explorers arrived in the 16th century. The area played a crucial role in westward expansion during the 19th century, serving as a major route for pioneers and traders along the Oregon and Santa Fe Trails. Kansas was admitted to the Union as the 34th state in 1861, just before the outbreak of the Civil War. The state’s history is deeply intertwined with significant events like the Bleeding Kansas conflicts and the abolitionist movement, making it an important part of American history.

Kansas is home to several notable cities that showcase its unique blend of heritage and modernity. Wichita, the largest city in the state, is a bustling urban center known for its aviation industry and manufacturing. It hosts a wide range of museums, including the renowned Exploration Place and the Kansas Aviation Museum, which pay homage to the city’s rich aerospace history. Topeka, the capital of Kansas, played a significant role in the fight for civil rights, as it was the site of the landmark Brown v. Board of Education Supreme Court case. The city also boasts attractions such as the Kansas State Capitol and the Combat Air Museum. Other prominent cities in Kansas include Overland Park, a suburban city with a strong economy, and Kansas City, which straddles the Kansas-Missouri border and offers a vibrant cultural scene.

Kansas’ history and cities reflect its pivotal role in shaping the nation’s development. From its significant contributions to westward expansion to its involvement in key historical events, Kansas offers a wealth of historical sites and museums for visitors to explore. Its cities provide a mix of cultural attractions, economic opportunities, and warm hospitality, making Kansas a captivating state to discover.

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Services Available in Kansas

New Hope Claims’ owner, Jonathan Kaiser, is a Kansas Public Adjuster and Kansas Insurance Appraiser.

We offer Kansas Public Adjuster Services on Commercial Claims Only (this is all Kansas allows).

As your Commercial Claims Public Adjuster, New Hope Claims can reduce your burden by assisting you in
performing your Duties After Loss and fight for a fair settlement per the facts of your loss and your available
insurance coverages in your policy.

New Hope Claims can assist Business Owners, Churches, Property Owners, and Property Management Companies with the following common Kansas Commercial Insurance Claims:

Kansas Fire Claims, Kansas Smoke Damage, Kansas Wind Claims, Kansas Hail Claims, Kansas Water Claims, Kansas Building Collapse Claims, Kansas Tornado Claims, Kansas Pipe Break Claims

As your Insurance Appraiser, we work with your Insurance Carrier’s Appraiser through the Appraisal Process
for commercial and residential claims to resolve disagreements about the scope of work and
the price of the work for the claim.

Let our Nebraska Public Adjuster assist you in leveling the playing field by assisting you in performing your
Duties After Loss and fighting for a fair settlement based on the damages and coverage(s) available in your
commercial insurance policy.

Let our Kansas Insurance Appraiser help resolve disagreements in the scope and value of your loss of your disputed residential or commercial insurance claims.