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Jonathan Kaiser of New Hope Claims

Lifelong Carpenter Faces Crossroads

Jonathan Kaiser’s story began in Southern Iowa as a child with a gift for building. While some adolescents were watching cartoons, he was watching carpentry shows such as This Old House, The New Yankee Workshop, Home Time, and others. His interest in building became such a passion that he started a Construction Company at the age of 18.

Jonathan’s career flourished as he crafted artistic elements into his work, earning a reputation for his exceptional skills and attention to detail. From aiding in the reconstruction efforts after Hurricane Ivan to embracing a new chapter in Tennessee, he tackled many challenges. After meeting his wife and relocating back to Iowa, he started a new Construction Company and quickly positioned himself as one of the top remodeling firms in Central Iowa.

After nearly two decades of commercial and residential construction experience, a life-altering event and other physical complications placed Jonathan in a position to consider a career change…

New Hope is Found in Public Adjusting

Confronted with a difficult decision, Jonathan Kaiser found himself standing at a crossroads, contemplating his next chapter beyond the Construction Industry. As much as he wanted to keep going, he knew he couldn’t effectively continue the work he loved. He and his family were uncertain about their future.

As Jonathan considered which direction to go next, he found himself reflecting on his experience with Insurance Carriers as they often missed the mark in their valuations of damage. He was impacted by the financial hardship, emotional stress, and physical toll the insured and their families faced through the claims process. Initially, he thought becoming an Insurance Adjuster (I.A.). and got his Texas All Line License in preparation for this new line of work.

During this transitional period, Jonathan was retained for an appraisal for a Large Loss Adjuster’s personal insurance claim. After witnessing how the Insurance Company mistreated one of their own experts, he could no longer, in good conscience, pursue working as an I.A. If this is how they treated people who are knowledgeable about insurance policies, how much worse are they treating people with no understanding of insurance or construction practices?

This heart-wrenching experience led Jonathan to pivot into the role of a Public Insurance Adjuster. With an unwavering commitment to fairness, he now embarks on a journey to make a lasting impact on the Insurance Industry from an external vantage point. Leveraging Jonathan’s wealth of nearly two decades of construction expertise, New Hope Claims is uniquely equipped to help people navigate property loss and bring hope to insurance claim disputes.

New Hope for You

Since becoming licensed in 2020, Jonathan Kaiser has assisted policyholders in multiple states in
recovering millions of additional insurance dollars, from denied or underpaid claims,
that were rightfully owed per their damages and insurance policy.

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