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Public Adjusters assist you in performing your Duties After Loss
and fight for you by negotiating toward a fair settlement.

Hire a Public Adjuster

Insurance Companies prioritize their own interests, despite their advertising promises.

Commercial Property and Homeowners Policies come with duties, exclusions, deadlines, and other limitations that can make it challenging to receive a fair and accurate settlement. It is essential to understand your policy and the claims process to effectively handle disputes. Insurance Companies often don’t play fair.

They will unfairly Delay, Deny, Defend against your Legitimate and Justifiable Claims.

Insurance Companies have experts on their side. You should too.

When your business or family suffers a property loss (fire, water, wind, hail, etc.)…

Public Adjusters are policy and claims experts who level the playing field by assisting you in performing your Duties After Loss and fight for a fair settlement based on the damages and coverage(s) available in your insurance policy.


Public Adjuster and Insurance Appraiser assist you in obtaining a fair settlement.

Services Public Adjusting

Public Adjusting

Assist you with your Duties After Loss and fight for a fair settlement.

Services Insurance Appraisal Justice


Alternative dispute resolution to resolve disagreements.

Stop Insurer Fraud

New Hope Claims is a member of the APA (American Policyholder Association).
The APA is an organization that advocates for the rights and interests of Insurance Policyholders in the United States. They aim to empower policyholders and promote transparency and accountability within the Insurance Industry.

If you’ve been a victim of Insurance Fraud, committed against you by your Insurance Company or the Professionals they hire
(Adjusters, Attorneys, Engineers, or Third-Party Administrator), you can report it to the APA via their reporting form.

Please provide information on why you believe you have been a victim of fraud.
Also, provide any information you have or are aware of that potentially helps depend that alleged suspect against a fraud allegation.
Essentially, provide APA with all favorable and unfavorable information regarding your allegation of fraud concerning your claim
(per Brandy v. Maryland [1963] 373 U.S. 83).